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Holiday Tree Lighting Installation

We are your local holiday lighting pros. We offering lighting services for you home, business, special event, and… Christmas trees!

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying, storing, untangling, and hanging your Christmas lights on your tree? We’re here to help.

Let our team of holiday lighting installers help make your holidays brighter with easy, fast, and professional installation of your holiday lighting.


1. Design

The first step of our Christmas lighting service is to see your home or property and decide which designs will look best for your taste and budget. We can come to your home or even just view it on Google maps to see what we can provide to you.

2. Schedule

Once your Christmas lighting design has been set. We'll identify the best time to come expertly place and install your holiday lighting. Our lighting professionals will take care of everything.

3. Installation

Next, we'll install our professional grade LED lights. These lights will fit your home perfectly as we cut them to the exact measurements needed. The lights will look like they were made just for your home... because they are!

4. Maintenance

We offer the best maintenance service in the Christmas lighting industry. If for any reason your lighting is not working properly we will come out immediately to bring them back to perfection. Service calls are always free.

5. Removal

The most dreadful part about having Christmas lights up, is finding the time to take them back down and doing so safely. You never have to worry about that again! We will remove the lights and store them safely all year long until they are needed again.

What We Offer

Our Residential Christmas Light Installation Benefits

From concept to completion, our design experts can develop an idea from scratch, or take your own ideas and make them a reality. If you can imagine it we can create it for you.
Our lights don’t blow out after a night in the rain. We invest in the best, which makes our lights better than the rest! We only provide the best commercial grade, custom-cut lights.
Your lighting display will automatically shut off every sunrise, saving both energy and money. Every sunset, they automatically turn back on without you having to lift a finger.
We have so much faith in our process that we make a simple guarantee: If anything should ever go wrong with the lights, we’ll be at your property ASAP with a solution in-hand.
When the holiday season comes to a close, we will safely take the lights down for you. We will also store the lights at our facility to be kept safe until needing them again next Christmas.
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